Rescues & Rehomes

Our mission is to help care for injured or sick animals in need.

Not all animals are sick, some in need of a home for a number of reasons.  Some of the animals have been abandoned or brought to us as their owners no longer want to care for them.  Others have been rescued from terrible living conditions. 

We need your help

The Little Zoo is a Registered Charity which depends on the kindness of public support, we receive no government funding to support the running of the charity, with increasing costs we need your help. You make a Donation using our Donate Now 

If you would like to buy directly for the animals we have an amazon wish list

Our Mission



This buzzard was brought to us as his wing was badly broken 



Little Fawn was in need of hand rearing as her mother had been killed 

Red Fox


Baby Fox arrived here with Mange, and in need of food.  

Tawny Owlets


Tawny Owls were found in the road. 

Lots of care and they were later released 

Amazon Parrots


These two are hilarious chatterboxes and a great companions for each other.

Been handed into us as their owner could no longer keep them



This poor girl was handed in to us with several other rabbits.  She had been injured and lost part of her ear.

Grab interest


Pablo came to us last year as a cub. He was bottle reared and was raised with our family pet dogs.  



We took on this little female Marmoset monkey as she was in need of a companion and needs to be kept in an outdoor enclosure. 

Grey Squirell


Nutkins was handed in last year as a tiny baby.  We carefully hand reared him and slowly introduced him to the outside world.  We feed him daily as he pops back to visit us.